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10 tips that will make your hairdresser understand you better

7 juni 2015

Going to a hair salon is often a welcome relaxation in your busy daily routine. However, it can also be quite exciting, especially when you’re going for a completely new look! To help relieve this excitement, we give you 10 tips that will make your hairdresser understand you better when it comes to color, cut and styling.

  1. Bring in pictures and images, and be sure to say exactly what you like about them. Do keep in mind that the hairstyles in these pictures should resemble your own hair in terms of thickness and structure;
  2. Be clear in what you definitely don’t want and what you consider unappealing;
  3. Wear a nice outfit, one that makes you feel good and that suits you. This will help your hairdresser understand the complete look you have in mind;
  4. Leave the hairdressers jargon to the hairdresser, as this will only cause confusion;
  5. Mention what your ‘hair problems’ are. Your hairstylist can give you advice on what not to do or what isn’t possible with your hair in order to avoid disappointment;
  6. Get to know each other and learn how to interpret each other’s words. When you tell your hairdresser about your lifestyle, hobbies, work and clothing style, they’ll be able to give you much better advice on what suits you;
  7. Indicate how you want other people to see you. Do you want to be considered sexy, businesslike, organized, tough, casual, sporty…
  8. Your hairdresser can give you good advice with regard to hair color and hairstyles that suit your skin color and the shape of your face. This is especially important when you’re looking to make a big change. In this case, it’s best to drop by for an appointment instead of making an appointment over the phone;
  9. Let the hairdresser briefly summarize your instructions to make sure you are on the same page;
  10. If you’re having doubts or if something isn’t clear, don’t be afraid to speak up! Your hairstylist isn’t satisfied until you are and wants you to leave the salon with a smile on your face!

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