The Color goes international

Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to continue our succesful formula abroad? Read below what the possibilities are for you and how we can work together to create an international The Color Salon.

Our story

The Color Salons is a fast-growing young and argile company that currently manages 3 salons in Amsterdam, one in Nijmegen and one in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The Color Salons works with a franchise module and can’t wait to establish itself on an international level as well.

At The Color, the focus is on hair colors, of course also cut at a high level. Haircolors and the different techniques involved are our specialism. Before they start, all our Color Specialists are trained internally by our educators from The Color College. There they are trained to work according to our The Color method and they learn the latest hair coloring techniques.

Are you an enthusiastic driven entrepreneur who aspires to become a hairdresser and are you ready to start for yourself?

It’s important to us that you can apply your creative skills and continue to develop them. This way you run your own branch and you’re free to give it your own twist, within the boundaries of the concept. You will become a member of a close group of partners who support each other and share creative ideas. Apart from your independence as an independent entrepreneur, you will always be supported by our financial director, creative director for marketing and PR and owner director for management and sales. Your employees will continue to develop themselves through the offered education programme. This will help you get the best out of your employees and your own salon.


  • You are stepping into a young company that has established an excellent track record within 5 years with 5 salons.The concept that specialises in hair colouring.
  • The concept that specialises in hair colouring.
  • The concept that has a unique online strategy that is far ahead of the industry.
  • The concept with a very strong marketing and communication strategy that creates awareness and attracts new customers to the salons.
  • Color Salons works together with brands such as: L’Oreal (Matrix) and Milk_shake.
  • From day one you have a reliable team behind you that supports you where necessary.


As a franchise entrepreneur, you can expect support from The Color Salons in several factors. Support for example in your finances, personnel management, PR & Marketing and Education.


In the financial part you will always be supported and receive guidance, for example in negotiations with the broker or the contact with the bank, and advice in exploitation (turnover, costs and profit). Every month there is a monthly meeting to see how you are doing financially, and the financial administration is taken care of.


You are advised and supported with the hiring of personnel, job interviews, employment contracts, performance interviews, personnel administration and dismissal procedures. 


As a franchisee you will be part of all the social media channels The Color Salons manages (Facebook, Instagram and own Website) and the annual campaign shoot that is dedicated to your salon. You will receive advice and guidance on local PR & Marketing and with the creation of your marketing plan.


To ensure that your team will continue to develop, The Color Salons offers a tailored education program for you and your employees. This includes training in the use of Matrix colour products, cutting and colouring techniques, trends, advice and the sale of products.

In addition to this guidance and support, you will also make use of the economies of scale in the area of supplier contracts, billing systems, accountants and The Color Salons formula (appearance salon, house style etc.). You will be advised and supported during the renovation and setup of your salon.


To give you an idea of how much it costs to become a international franchisee of The Color, here is a brief description of the requirements.


Total investment required €75,000 to €110,000

Minimum required equity 15% -20% of total investment

Collateralisation Surplus value of own home, if any


Entry fee €7,500 (in investment budget)

Franchise fee 10% of net turnover


Does this sound like a challenge to you, and would you like to get acquainted for a possible next step? Or would you like more information? We would like to get to know you better and tell you more about The Color. Please contact Jeffrey at or call/WhatsApp at +31648164342